The Journals of Nigel Briggs

The year is 1860 and fifteen year old Nigel Briggs is employed as an assistant to Professor Ashcroft. Professor Ashcroft has made it his life work to disprove the notion of the supernatural. He believes that there is a perfectly rational explanation for the cases of the paranormal that he investigates.

However, Nigel soon discovers that there is more truth behind the tales than the Professor Ashcroft is willing to believe…


The Reaping Shadow

reaping shadow A set of mysterious deaths plague a china factory in the Potteries. The factory’s employees claim the factory is haunted by a wraith that kills whoever has the misfortune of seeing it. As production threatens to come to a halt, the factory owner invites Professor Ashcroft, denouncer of the supernatural, to disprove the existence of the wraith.

Assisting the Professor is fifteen year old Nigel Briggs. At first Nigel shares the Professor’s cynicism about the existence of the wraith. Then he sees the wraith for himself.

With his life at stake, Nigel must find a way to destroy the wraith, or become its next victim…


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The Stolen Dead

stolen dead no blood


The dead are being stolen from the grave. With no suspects, the police consult Professor Ashcroft, denouncer of the supernatural, hoping his insight might help solve the case. Having little interest Professor Ashcroft delegates the investigation to his assistant Nigel Briggs.

Nigel soon suspects that the impossible is happening. The dead are rising from the grave and there are those that are profiting from it. Then something goes wrong. A horror with an insatiable hunger is unleashed. A horror that will not stop until it devours everyone in its path…

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The Devil’s Hound


The Devil's Hound


A mysterious beast is killing livestock.

In a nearby workhouse there are rumours of a man transforming into a beast.

Persuaded to investigate Professor Ashcroft insists the rumours are the work of hoaxers, but his assistant Nigel Briggs fears that the beast killing livestock and the rumours from the workhouse are the same creature. A creature with an insatiable hunger to hunt and kill.


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