Instalments of the Interactive Novel


Welcome to The Interactive Novel, the novel that allows you the reader to decide what happens during the novel.

At the end of each weekly instalment will be at least one poll where you will decide either:

• What happens next
• A setting
• A character to be introduced

Whatever option receives the most votes decides what happens. To take part, read the instalment below and then make your vote.

Voting closes for the choice at the end of the Fourth Instalment on Monday the 20th April 9am BST

Find all the instalments below

The First Instalment

The Second Instalment

The Third Instalment.

The Fourth Instalment

The Fifth Instalment

The Sixth Instalment

The Seventh Chapter

Eighth Instalment

Or watch the abridged narrative of each part

Abridged Narrative of 1st Instalment

Abridged Narrative of 2nd Instalment

Abridged Narrative of 3rd Instalment

Abridged Narrative of Fourth Instalment Part 1


Eighth Instalment Published on 22nd May 2020