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The Journals of Nigel Briggs 


Book 1

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The Reaping Shadow

Not long after fifteen year old Nigel Briggs begins his apprenticeship to Professor Ashcroft, debunker of the paranormal, they are invited to investigate a spate of deaths plaguing a factory. The factory workers claim that a wraith is killing all those that have the misfortune of seeing it.

The Professor concludes the deaths are coincidental and that the wraith is the work of an opportunistic hoaxer. Nigel, however, fears there may be more to the claims. His fears come true when he sees the wraith for himself.

Haunted by the wraith, Nigel must find a way to destroy it before he becomes its next victim…

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Book 2



The Stolen Dead

London 1860
All over London the dead are being stolen from their graves. With no suspects, the police consult Professor Ashcroft hoping his insight into the supernatural might solve the case. Having little interest Professor Ashcroft delegates the investigation to his assistant Nigel Briggs.
Nigel’s investigation leads to him to a remote country estate where he discovers a conspiracy to profit from the dead. Then something goes wrong – unshackling a horror with an insatiable hunger to devour everything in its path…

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Book 3



The Devil’s Hound 

On the outskirts of London a mysterious beast is killing livestock.

In a nearby workhouse there are rumours of a man transforming into a beast.

Persuaded to investigate Professor Ashcroft insists the rumours are the work of hoaxers, but his assistant Nigel Briggs fears that the beast killing livestock and the rumours from the workhouse are the same creature. A creature with an insatiable hunger to hunt and kill. A creature that needs to be stopped no matter the cost.

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The Seventh Treasure




The Seventh Treasure

When Erik is betrayed and left for dead he is rescued by an unlikely saviour. But there is a cost. He must embark on a quest where he will encounter heroes , fearsome monster and gods! A quest where he must retrieve the Seventh Treasure gods for the sake of the world is in the balance.

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