A Brief Summery of the Story


Welcome to The Interactive Novel, the novel that allows you the reader to decide what happens during the novel. At the end of each weekly instalment there will be at least one poll where you will decide what happens next. Whatever option receives the most votes decides what happens. To take part, read the instalment below and then make your vote.

 The Latest Instalment of the Interactive Novel.

If you are new to the interactive novel or want to catch up on the story so far here is a reminder of what has happened in each of the previous instalments.

To read the full instalment click on the link below or read the brief summery.

The First Instalment – Introduces fifteen year old Nigel Briggs and apprentice to Professor Ashcroft debunker of the supernatural. In 1860, Nigel confronts a vampire in a girl’s bedroom, the creature flees and he pursues it to a cemetery. The next morning the local villagers dig up the crypt and burn the coffin containing the creature.

The Second Instalment – Nigel returns to London. There he tells Gertie Stubbs a maid in the household about the vampire. She insists that Nigel tells Professor Ashcroft the truth about what happened, instead Nigel agrees with the Professor that the vampire never existed. The Professor then explains how they have been invited to Moonhurst Hall to disprove accusations of witchcraft directed at a young maid in the household.

The Third Instalment. – Accompanied by Nigel and Gertie the Professor heads to Moonhurst Hall. On route the owner Mr Berwick explains there has been a suspicious death and a young maid has been accused of being a witch. At the hall they split ways with Gertie going to work in the hall to befriend the accused maid while Nigel and the Professor head to a funeral.

The Fourth Instalment – The funeral descends into a chaos as a huge colony of rats invade the church causing all the mourners to flee.

Meanwhile as Gertie walks to the hall she is drawn down a sheep track to a stone circle where she is buffeted and terrified by a mysterious wind.

The Fifth Instalment– Gertie meets Miss Berwick, a strange girl, is informed by Mr Gates the rules of the household and meets the maid accused of witchcraft, a Mary Richards, a shy girl.

Nigel and the Professor return to the church to discover all of the rats are gone. They also go down into the cellar of the church where they find a pentagram. On leaving the cellar Nigel seems a crouched cloaked figure lurking in the shadows.

The Sixth Instalment– Nigel and the Professor reach Moonhurst Hall. Nigel meets Mr Berwick’s daughter Hattie. That night as he is laying in bed he hears somebody sneak into his room.

Read the The Latest Instalment and then decide what happens next


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