The Reaping Shadow

The Reaping Shadow

While you wait for the next instalment of The Interactive Novel  why not check out the other novels featuring Nigel Briggs.

The Reaping Shadow

New Cover

Not long after fifteen year old Nigel Briggs begins his apprenticeship to Professor Ashcroft, debunker of the paranormal, they are invited to investigate a spate of deaths plaguing a factory. The factory workers claim that a wraith is killing all those that have the misfortune of seeing it.

The Professor concludes the deaths are coincidental and that the wraith is the work of an opportunistic hoaxer. Nigel, however, fears there may be more to the claims. His fears come true when he sees the wraith for himself.

Haunted by the wraith, Nigel must find a way to destroy it before he becomes its next victim…


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