Get into the Halloween Spirit

Get into the Halloween Spirit

It is under a week until Halloween, a night when spirits and sprites, ghouls and ghosts, demons and monsters all slither from their lairs and creep the earth.

Get into the Halloween spirit this week with the Interactive Novel. Set in Victorian Britain and following the adventures of assistant supernatural debunker Nigel Briggs, the interactive novel is the novel that allows you the reader to decide what happens. It begins with a ghost story where it goes from there is up to you.

So close the curtains,  sit down beside the fire, and forget what might be lurking in the darkness outside with the full first instalment – The First Instalment

Or for those too busy carving pumpkins and stocking the cupboard for trick or treaters there is always the abridged version at 15% the length – Abridged First Instalment

Once you have read the instalment decide what you want to happen next and cast your vote – Cast Your Vote

Voting of what happens next closes this Sunday 8pm GMT with the second instalment published Friday 2nd November.


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