The Interactive Novel Returns

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The interactive novel is back. But what is it and how does it work?

The interactive novel is a novel with a difference. Each weekly instalment will end with at least one poll for the readers to choose what happens next. Readers will be given the opportunity to decide everything from what happens next, to setting, characters that appear and their actions.

As part of the Journals of Nigel Briggs series, the interactive novel follows the adventures of Nigel Briggs. Fifteen-year-old Nigel is assistant to Professor Ashcroft, debunker of the supernatural in Victorian Britain. While Professor Ashcroft is certain that there is a scientific explanation to the phenomena they investigate Nigel suspects that there is some darker force at work.

At the end of the first instalment of the interactive novel, you the reader, has the choice on what they investigate, will it be a haunting, witchcraft, a curse or perhaps one of the other four supernatural phenomena to choose from. Why not read the first instalment and then make your vote today. Go to to find out more

Voting closes

Sunday 28th October 8pm GMT

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