A Kick in the Teeth


With under two weeks until the interactive novel begins, I have discovered that the software running my website is no longer supporting polls and forms. It means that no one has been able to vote on what they want to happen in The Interactive Novel since the end of August.

To say this is a kick in the teeth is putting it mildly.

At first, I want to apologise to anybody that has tried to cast their vote and been unable to. Thank you for trying to take part and I appreciate it. I am working to remedy the situation and will get the ability to vote on what happens next working as soon as possible.

Unfortunately to make sure it is all working and to allow readers the chance to vote I have taken the hard decision to delay the beginning of the interactive novel. I aim for it to begin with the vote deadline at the end of the first instalment for the end of October.

I thank you for your patience and will keep you updated.

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